[NTG-context] professional looking tables

Csikos Bela bcsikos425 at freemail.hu
Sun Dec 18 19:19:18 CET 2016

Dear context users:

In latex I could make professional looking tables using booktabs module.
Using longtable package I could make nice looking multipage tables.

I see that context offers several table environments. Which one of them
is suitable for making  professional (publication quality) tables?

The requirements for such tables are the follows:

- Only horizontal rules are needed
- Ability to set the rule's thickness for top rule, bottom rule, middle rule
- Ability to set the distance between rules and table content
- Ability to set rule length shorter than cell or row width on both left and right sides
- Ability to set rules for spanning only some of the columns

In addition, for multipage tables:

- head row at the start of table
- head rows at top on every page (possibly including first page)
- foot row ate the end of table
- foot rows at the end of every page (possibly including last page)

Is this feasible in current context?

Thank you in advance,


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