[NTG-context] question about \startitemize...\stopitemize (again)

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Nov 29 20:02:17 CET 2016

On 11/29/2016 07:48 PM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>> Pablo Rodriguez 29. November 2016 um 19:28
>> Dear list,
>> sorry for asking this question again, but I’m afraid I really need to
>> solve this as soon as possible.
>> I have the following sample:
>> \setupwhitespace[5em]
>> \startsetups[smallwspa]
>> \setupwhitespace[small]
>> \setupblank[small]
>> \stopsetups
>> \setupitemize[each][indenting=no, setups=smallwspa]
> \setupitemize[each][indenting=no,inner=\directsetup{smallwspa}]


many thanks for your ultra-fast reply and for your help.

As always, it works perfectly fine.

Sorry, but what does the key "inbetween" setup? (I thought it was
referred to items.)

Many thanks for your help,


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