[NTG-context] question about \startitemize...\stopitemize (again)

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Nov 29 19:28:13 CET 2016

Dear list,

sorry for asking this question again, but I’m afraid I really need to
solve this as soon as possible.

I have the following sample:

    \setupitemize[each][indenting=no, setups=smallwspa]

    \input knuth

    \dorecurse{5}{\item this is my item\par
                        second paragraph\par
                        third paragraph

I need a bigger whitespace outside the list that inside them. I need
\blank[medium] between each item and \blank[small] for each \par inside
the item.

setups doesn’t work for paragraphs inside list items and inbetween
doesn’t work either.

Which is the right way to setup space between ennumeration items and
also different for paragraphs inside those items?

Many thanks for your help,


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