[NTG-context] copy & paste source code from documents

Tobias Berndt tobiasberndt at arcor.de
Sat Nov 26 07:52:30 CET 2016

Dear List,

currently, I have to compose technical documents with a lot of source code in it. There're readers demands for a way to copy&paste this source code directly from those documents into their terminals. I tried ConTeXt’s attachment functionality, it is … ok. But most people don’t like files attatched to PDFs. Moreover, they must open it in an editor before getting contents in terminals. So,

is there any possibility in ConTeXt/Lua a document reader can click on a source code statement and the content of an external file (the plain code, without any typesetting) will be loaded into the clipboard, so that they can paste this plain source code into their terminal programs to use it directly?

Any help is welcome,

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