[NTG-context] Strange behaviour of itemize inside tabulate

Willi Egger context at boede.nl
Sun Nov 20 20:25:36 CET 2016


I have the following minimal example

% \setupitemgroup
% 	[itemize]
% 	[each]
% 	[autointro,packed]
% 	[symbol=2]

 	\NC \bf Druk procedé  \NC \bf Opmerking \NC\NR
	\NC Offset          \NC \strut weinig problemen als onverpakt\crlf \NC\NR
	\NC Digitaal        \NC beduidend lager i.v.m. warmte fixatie.
									zo snel mogelijk weer verpakken na het printen.

When not uncommenting the setupitemgroup the tabulate appears as expected. However with the setupitemgroup enabled the row containing the itemize is shifted up and overlays the first row… 

Do I miss something?

Thank you for looking at this. Kind regards


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