[NTG-context] ConTeXt and duotone graphics

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Nov 1 09:18:46 CET 2016

On 10/31/2016 9:27 PM, Piotr Kopszak wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have just came across this little script which allows to create
> duotone pdfs with DeviceN channel. The script takes two grayscale tifs
> as arguments and returns a pdf duotone. I guess it shouldn't be too
> difficult to include it in the ConTeXt processing chain. Probably one
> could include a command in a source file which would reference both
> files used for  creation of a duotone image and the resulting image
> would be used in the final pdf. How would you go about implementing
> such a coupling?

there is a plugin mechanism for conversions ... (it's how we deal with 
eps and svg input)

> Here is the link to the script
> http://stdin.fr/Bazar/SpotColorImages

see chapter 3 in the colors-mkiv.pdf manual in the distribution; this 
kind of magic is already present for a while (we actually did it in 
pdftex / mkii in some projects)


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