[NTG-context] texexec in ConTeXt Standalone does not work

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sat Oct 29 11:50:24 CEST 2016

On 10/29/2016 11:18 AM, Asim ConTeXt wrote:
> Thank you, Pablo, for the information about the Microtype package. And
> after a bit more searching (and getting an answer from Hans Hagen :-) ),
> I am considering MkIV, instead of MkII, now. But I have another
> question: How can I identify the files that are only required for MkII,
> and not needed for MkIV? Would it be safe to delete them? Actually I
> want to reduce the size of ConTeXt as much as possible.

Hi Asim,

just for your information: the most bytes in the ConTeXt Suite come from

In order to have a MkIV-only ConTeXt Suite, please add "--engine=luatex"
to your script invocaton. (This is explained in

I don’t think it is safe to remove files individually. I think it is way
safer to download the ConTeXt Suite again.

I hope it helps,


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