[NTG-context] Influence enumeration spacing

Jan Willem Flamma jwfregister at icloud.com
Tue Oct 25 15:34:40 CEST 2016

Dear list members,

In the MWE below the amount of vertical space between the enumeration header and the question text seems to fully controlled by the global \setupwhitespace[big] setting. 
I would like to reduce the distance beteen the enumeration header and the question text but inbetween={\blank[nowhite]} seems to be ignored. I tried none, disable etc. as well.

Of course I could set \setupwhitespace[small] but this would influence the amount whitespace between my paragraph text which should be set to big.

How can I minimize the inbetween distance without changing the spacing between paragraphs?





\input ward
\input ward

Text text text
\item answer a
\item answer b


Kind regards
Jan Willem Flamma

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