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Thanks, Wolfgang,
The example was most useful. I tested it on some math and I managed to use \FlushStep to reveal a formula step by step, something like:



         \frac{-b \FlushStep
         \pm\sqrt{b^{2}-4ac \FlushStep
         2a} \FlushStep

I have looked around for more information on that module and related commands I could try but in vain. I was hoping I could figure things out and not need to bug you folks so much. So perhaps you could point me the way to this or help with the following questions:

- Is there a way to use the keyboard to advance the steps instead of clicking on the screen?- Is there a way to reverse the steps? Sometimes quite necessary when explaining things to students.- Is there a way to reveal the steps in an order different from the usual order, like showing the denominator first and then -b? Also very useful. I suspect there might be some way to work around this but the content in the source file may become rather mangled as a result.- Is there a way to make something appear in one step and then disappear a few steps later without affecting the position of other things following it?

Sorry, I cannot help but ask for the functionalities that came with Beamer. But these are the essential ones.
Thanks again!
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    On Saturday, 22 October 2016, 21:56, Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com> wrote:

   B.A.Lee  21. Oktober 2016 um 19:16  
I'm new to ConTeXt, having discovered it only last week. I have been using LaTeX for years, coming up with my own solutions to work around some of the typographical tweaks I  want. ConTeXt seems promising but I have yet to find an example of what I would like to produce. 
I would like to see examples of equivalents of Beamer presentations using equivalents of \onslide and its variants for uncovering contents. I have read about steps (example file refuse to compile) and animation (does not seem to be what I want).

Here is a example of the stepper:




    \NC Ward  \NC \input ward \NC\NR \FlushStep
    \NC Knuth \NC \input tufte \NC\NR \FlushStep
    \NC Zapf  \NC \input zapf \NC\NR \FlushStep


    \startitem Ward  \stopitem \FlushStep
    \startitem Knuth \stopitem \FlushStep
    \startitem Zapf  \stopitem \FlushStep



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