[NTG-context] FreeBSD binaries - was: Systemwide installation does not work

Alan Braslau alan.braslau at cea.fr
Tue Oct 18 23:55:30 CEST 2016

Mailing list:

There was some fluctuation in the FreeBSD binaries being distributed on contextgarden.net.

With the recent introduction of FreeBSD 11.0, the GPL3-tainted GNU libstdc++ has been dropped in favor of a new, clean libc++. This follows on the switch from gcc to clang that took place with the introduction of FreeBSD 10.0. As a result, the new binaries compiled on FreeBSD 11.0 failed to work on older systems, i.e. FreeBSD 9.3 (still in production/supported). We now take care to provide binaries compiled under FreeBSD 9.3 on the garden, at least until this version gets phased-out at the end of the year.


Mac users should note that MacOS closely follows similar developments as FreeBSD.

(TEXLive, being even more conservative, distributes binaries compiled under FreeBSD 7.3.)


P.S. The present thread started as the FreeBSD binaries got crushed by new OpenBSD binaries that will soon be available on the garden, helping us also understand the above new shared-library issue.

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