[NTG-context] PDF/A generation

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Tue Oct 18 14:54:07 CEST 2016


just for the records. The problems were on ConTeXt's side (fixed now),
the online validator does a pretty good job.


Am 14.10.2016 um 17:10 schrieb Peter Rolf:
> Am 14.10.2016 um 14:16 schrieb luigi scarso:
>> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 2:04 PM, Peter Rolf <indiego at gmx.net> wrote:
>>> Sigh.. I had high hopes on this one. Would be nice to have a free and
>>> working (in this combination) validator. I'll make some tests over the
>>> weekend and contact the author(s). No bug report, no fix.
>> I have not said that it's wrong, only that it fails to validate the
>> pdf..the validator could be ok infact.
> True, that conclusion comes from my side. I'm pretty sure that all
> needed XMP entries are properly set, so chances are high, that the error
> is on their side. But we will (hopefully) see.
> Also: If Acrobat isn't right, what tools are left for validation?
>> Btw, as I can see from
>> http://www.pdfa.org/2016/08/slide-decks-and-video-recordings-of-the-pdf-days-europe-2016/
>> it seems that there is a bit of depression in validating pdf/a files ....
> Interesting, but better don't dig too deep... :D
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