[NTG-context] font size switching

Csikos Bela bcsikos425 at freemail.hu
Mon Oct 17 18:15:56 CEST 2016

Dear context users:

It seems to me that some of the the font size switching commands do not work
as described in the context reference manual (contextref.pdf, 27/09/2013), e.g.
 \tfx. The manual writes on page 109 that "Note that these commands select
font sizes relative to the default, not relative to whatever font size is currently in
effect." But in my case \tfx switches to smaller compared to the size in effect, and
not smaller compared to default size.

In additions I couldn't find command for returning to default size after a font switching
command. How to switch (back) to normal size? 

Here is an MWE:


default, {\tfa larger (a)}, {\tfb larger (b)}, {\tfc larger (c)}, {\tfd larger (d)}

default, {\tfx smaller (x)}, {\tfxx smaller (xx)}

This is normal text, (default 10pt).
{\tfa This is larger (a).}
Normal again.
{\tfx This is smaller, (x).}

This is normal size.
\bfa This is larger bold (a).
\tf This is normal larger (a), \backslash tf doesn't change size.

How to switch back to normal size, if there is no suffix for normal size?

\tfx And why isn't this smaller (x) if the suffix changes size relative to default size
as the manual states?


Thank you in advance,


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