[NTG-context] Asciidoc --> ConTeXt for presentations

Saša Janiška gour at atmarama.com
Sun Oct 16 12:33:49 CEST 2016

Russell Urquhart <russurquhart1 at verizon.net> writes:

> I had first started looking at Markdown, but then came to Asciidoc,
> as, imo, Asciidoc is a superset of Markdown. In my previous job, and
> some in my current job, there is a need to have tables that have cells
> that go across multiple rows and/or columns. Asciidoc supports
> this. 

It seems that some thing are more clear now…

I do not (atm) have need for complex tables. Moreover, I’ve learnt that
atm. Asciidoc is not supported input format for creating presentations
with Pandoc…

> With that said, when i want or need to have a fine typeset type
> book/manual, something that might requrie extensive footnotes,
> indexes, specialized page layouts, auto cross references, etc. AND i
> could not get that from Asciidoc, then i would create my source in
> either Context, Docbook, or LaTex. (I haven't used LaTex very much
> myself, but i know people who swear by it.)

…which practically means that I can just use markdown for my ligth
writing (web stuff, small online articles etc.) and use ConTeXt for
everything else where quality is required.

Of course, there is also possibility to just use

markdown --> Pandoc --> reveal.js

which can look as low-hanging fruit, but, based on my observation,
everything around Javascript stuff is almost always hyped and
short-lived, iow. today reveal.js is “in”, but that can quickly change

Otoh, learning ConTeXt is going to be useful not only for presentations,
but only for real book project which might arrive in the future…


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