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Jan Willem Flamma jwfregister at icloud.com
Fri Oct 14 10:48:05 CEST 2016

Thank you Wolfgang.

This suits my needs just fine.

Kind regards,
Jan Willem Flamma

> On 14 okt. 2016, at 10:34, Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Jan Willem Flamma <mailto:jwfregister at icloud.com> 14. Oktober 2016 um 10:12
>> Dear list members,
>> I create all my MetaFun drawings in a separate environment file where each individual drawing sits inside a start/stopbuffer. This allows me to easily use those drawings in all my documents using \processMPbuffer[name]. Works just fine.
>> However, I also wish to have all the drawing available in a pdf file (each drawing on a separate page). This allows me to split the pdf and use the drawing elsewhere (e.g. in a Powerpoint) or include page(s) from the pdf in another document.
>> The below MWE represent my MetaFun drawings file.
>> The idea is that by uncommenting the \enablemode[makepdf] I can create the pdf file with drawings. It seems however that startMPpage does not accept buffers (I also tried processbuffer and processMPbuffer).
>> Is it possible to somehow make this work?
> You can use
>     \startTEXpage
>         \processMPbuffer[…]
>     \stopTEXpage
> but loading a buffer in MPpage doesn’t work because the content of the environment
> is just passed to MetaPost and buffers can’t be loaded inside MetaPost code unless
> Hans adds a function for this, e.g.
>     \startMPcode
>         buffer("mybuffer")
>     \stopMPcode
> Wolfgang
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