[NTG-context] Asciidoc --> ConTeXt for presentations

Saša Janiška gour at atmarama.com
Fri Oct 14 00:03:50 CEST 2016

Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es> writes:

> this feature makes ConTeXt much superior than LaTeX, but not all TeX
> users are aware of this jewel.


> Sure it can handle it, but I wonder whether this would make sense. (I
> mean, does DocBook handle slides?)

That’s valid point…I was also thinking about it and found something:


> But this approach allows me to generate (with pandoc) PDF and ePub
> documents from exactly the same source. I only need to write the style
> files for each.

That was suggested to me at the beginning of year when I was asking
aobut ConTeXt vs Beamer, but the problem is it handles only Markdown
which is too simple for my general writing and when/if one uses
extensions, then it’s really a mess…

> ConTeXt XML input will afford you the markup, but you’ll have to know
> how to deal with the slides in ConTeXt :-).

That’s true…I’m simply trying, like you, to have AsciiDoc as
single-source format and then publish content on the web
(static-site-generator), producing high-quality PDF and/or ePub.


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