[NTG-context] Ideas for improving documentation of ConTeXt

Jonas Baggett jonasb at tranquille.ch
Tue Oct 11 22:26:15 CEST 2016

Le 10.10.16 à 07:43, Aditya Mahajan a écrit :

>> Recently, stackexchange started a similar project:
>> https://blog.stackoverflow.com/2016/07/introducing-stack-overflow-documentation-beta/ 
>> You can create a context tag and create example documents. The 
>> difficulty with such projects, as usual, is to have a critical mass 
>> for others to browse and contribute. One could start by "porting" 
>> existing examples from the wiki, mailing list, tex.stackexchange, etc.
> Scratch that. It seems that documentation tags can only be created for 
> topics that are popular on stackoverflow (not stackexchange).
> http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/328667/new-tags-and-documentation-beta

And a ConTeXt tag must already exist on Stack Overflow, which I didn't 
find. So it seems we can wait a while before there would be examples in 

I find stackoverflow too elitist, once I was reading a question and I 
wanted to help with an answer but it wasn't possible to do because it 
was the first time I wanted to contribute in stackoverflow and of course 
I was lacking the needed reputation. I am interested to help when I see 
an occasion to and when I am in the mood for that ;-). So I found that 
frustrating and it didn't make me interested to contribute there.

On the other hand, I understand their will to have good quality 
questions and answer and I appreciate that. I am just feeling it must be 
a better way to do that.
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