[NTG-context] Paranormal bug in TL 2016

Henri Menke henrimenke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 12:01:39 CEST 2016

On 10/10/2016 03:59 PM, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On 10 October 2016 at 15:31, Henri Menke wrote:
>> I have found another thread reporting the same problem
>> https://www.mail-archive.com/ntg-context@ntg.nl/msg82349.html
>> However, Hans only replied with »has been fixed already«.
>> Does anyone know how to find the fix?
> Unless Hans remembers what he fixed exactly, my only idea is doing a
> bisection over
>     https://bitbucket.org/phg/context-mirror/commits/all

Okay, I have identified the relevant commit to be da91490 [1].  Unfortunately, the diff to the TL 2016 version which is something like af172a8 [2] is huge.  I was not yet able to identify the change which fixed the bug.  Also I have no idea what to look out for.  So far I have just been looking for occurrences of setattr and the like.

[1] https://bitbucket.org/phg/context-mirror/commits/da9149010f4d34eef23a504682d82cdcf4fac8f5?at=beta
[2] https://bitbucket.org/phg/context-mirror/commits/af172a8db5f7583d0117635edde17eba5619d883?at=beta

> In case you find the fix, I can "backport" it to TL's repository and
> users doing regular upgrades with tlmgr will get it at least.
> Mojca
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