[NTG-context] Ideas for improving documentation of ConTeXt

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Mon Oct 10 07:32:27 CEST 2016

On Sun, 9 Oct 2016, Jonas Baggett wrote:

> The basic idea I have is a database of ConTeXt documents, where everyone 
> can add his own documents. We have also to make it easy to find there 
> insightful examples in ConTeXt that will help someone to achieve what he 
> is trying to do. Then users, especially beginners, will less likely be 
> stuck at one point and looking for hours for a solution and less help 
> will be asked on the mailing list too.

Recently, stackexchange started a similar project:

You can create a context tag and create example documents. The difficulty 
with such projects, as usual, is to have a critical mass for others to 
browse and contribute. One could start by "porting" existing examples from 
the wiki, mailing list, tex.stackexchange, etc.


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