[NTG-context] placed tabulations broken when ended with \HL in MkIV

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 20:04:31 CEST 2016

> John Devereux <mailto:john at devereux.me.uk>
> 26. September 2016 um 13:20
> Hi,
> I updated my context (IV) installation recently and most of my
> tabulations are not working when they are placed with \placetable.
> Even the examples on the wiki do not work e.g. this aborts with an
> undefined control sequence error for the \stoptabulate:
> \starttext
> This is a very long text, longer than the width of the table.
> It must be long enough to flow to the next line to see the effect.
> \startplacetable[location=force,number=no]
> \starttabulate[|r|l|]
> \HL
> \NC I want this table \NC aligned in the center.\NC\NR
> \HL
> \stoptabulate
> \stopplacetable
> \stoptext
> I traced it to ending with a \HL. It can be made to work if I add an
> extra \AR after the final \HL

        \let\tabl_tabulate_inside_after    \relax
+      \let\tabl_tabulate_inside_inbetween\relax
        \let\tabl_tabulate_inside_after    \egroup
+      \let\tabl_tabulate_inside_inbetween\relax
      \let\tabl_tabulate_inside_after    \relax
+    \let\tabl_tabulate_inside_inbetween\relax

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