[NTG-context] Tabulation in itemize list

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 14:08:36 CEST 2016

> Florian Leupold <mailto:fleupold at posteo.net>
> 26. September 2016 um 12:53
> Dear list,
> is there a clever way to put a tabulation into an itemize list? I 
> would like to have it on the first line of an item, see MWE. However, 
> when I just insert the tabulation after \item, the table is shifted 
> down. A naive fix using \blank[overlay], on the other hand, places the 
> tabulation too high.
> Could you help me or indicate a better solution to achieve this?
> \starttext
> \startitemize
> \item
> %\blank[overlay]\blank[overlay]
> \starttabulate[|r|p|r|p|]
> \NC given: \NC $a=1$\\$b=2$ \NC sought: \NC $c$ \NC\NR
> \stoptabulate
> \stopitemize
> \stoptext

             \NC    given:    \NC $a=1$\par $b=2$    \NC sought:    \NC 
$c$    \NC\NR
             \NC    given:    \NC $a=1$\par $b=2$    \NC sought:    \NC 
$c$    \NC\NR
             \NC    given:    \NC $a=1$\par $b=2$    \NC sought:    \NC 
$c$    \NC\NR


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