[NTG-context] placed tabulations broken when ended with \HL in MkIV

John Devereux john at devereux.me.uk
Mon Sep 26 13:20:21 CEST 2016


I updated my context (IV) installation recently and most of my
tabulations are not working when they are placed with \placetable.

Even the examples on the wiki do not work e.g. this aborts with an
undefined control sequence error for the \stoptabulate:

This is a very long text, longer than the width of the table.
It must be long enough to flow to the next line to see the effect.

  \NC I want this table \NC aligned in the center.\NC\NR

I traced it to ending with a \HL. It can be made to work if I add an
extra \AR after the final \HL




John Devereux

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