[NTG-context] underscore added by xtable

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 17:15:07 CEST 2016

> Peter Münster <mailto:pmlists at free.fr>
> 8. September 2016 um 16:58
> Thanks, it works even in my original document! (Beforehand I'd tried
> combinations of line, nowhite, none..., but without success...)
> Does it mean, that \crlf is deprecated and should always be replaced by
> \blank[...] ? Or is this just a work-around, until the "underscore-bug"
> is fixed?
The problem with \crlf is that you start a new line for the following text
but you don’t end the current paragraph which is necessary when
you use "split=yes" for xtables.

BTW: The extra character in your document is a hyphen and not a underscore
and it inserted by the \nointerlineskip command which you see in the 
error message.

%% begin error message
tex error > tex error on line 9 in file /Users/wolf/TeX/test/test.tex: ! 
You can't use `\prevdepth' in horizontal mode

\nointerlineskip ->\prevdepth
l.9 \nointerlineskip
%% end error message

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