[NTG-context] Enumeration: chapter in counter, problem next to placefigure, and documentation issues

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Sun Sep 4 22:22:20 CEST 2016

> Florian Leupold <mailto:fleupold at posteo.net>
> 4. September 2016 um 19:37
> Issues with the documentation:
> - In “ConTeXt Commands”, it says on page 224 that \setupenumeration 
> inherits from \setupcounter; but in “ConTEXt reference manual", it 
> says on page 246 that \setupenumerations inherits from \setupdescriptions.
> - In “ConTEXt reference manual”, the key “location” for 
> \defineenumeration should probably replaced by “alternative”. Right 
> now, all examples on page 247 are unaffected by this setting and hence 
> look the same.
ConTeXt contains two different interface files, a) a old one 
(cont-en.xml) which was written for MkII and extended of the time with a 
few new command introduced by MkIV (e.g. \definefontfeature) and b) a 
new one (i-context.xml) which was rewritten with MkIV as its base.

Most of the existing documents use the old file which contains either 
wrong keys (e.g. location vs. alternative) or document no longer 
existing functions (compare counter related settings in both files).

The new file takes also into account internal changes for commands, e.g. 
in MkII note descriptions are based on enumerations which are itself a 
extension to the description commands. In MkIV notations (new name for 
note descriptions), enumerations and descriptions all use a internal 
mechanism called constructions with extra functions for each instance.

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