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I would like to use ConTeXt foracademic writing this year and am just
scratching the surface of its capabilities. My first run at producing
a document in APA format resulted in several questions. Below is
abrief sample. In this excerpt, the following APA style formatting
errors occur:

1. The first reference is cited as “Hartley, M.T. (2013).” There is
usually a space separating these initials. Between the M. and T. in
this reference.

2. The word “and” is appearing in both parenthetical and in-text
citations. When a reference is completely within parentheses, the last
author should be separated by the & (Ampersand) character.

3. The last reference has 3 authors and should be written as Koch et
al (2014) instead, it replicates the entire list of authors previously

I must be missing something obvious in my settings. What changes to
this sample need to be made to correct these formatting citation errors?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or references to places in
documentation where I can learn to correct these issues.


%%% Begin Sample %%%

author = {Michael T. Hartley},
title = {Investigating the Relationship of Resilience to Academic Persistence in College Students With Mental Health Issues},
journal = {Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin}
volume = {56},
number = {4},
pages = {240-250},
year = {2013},
doi = {10.1177/0034355213480527},
  Author =	 {Lynn C. Koch and Ketevan Mamiseishvili and Kristin
  Title =	 {Persistence to degree completion: A profile of
Students with psychiatric disabilities in higher education.},
  ISSN =	 {1052-2263},
  Journal = {Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation},
   Number =	 1,
  Pages =	 {73 - 82},
volume =	 40,
year =	 2014,
    author =	 {Oliver Mutanga and Melanie Walker},
  title =	 {Towards a Disability-inclusive Higher Education
Policy through the Capabilities Approach},
  journal = {Journal of Human Development and Capabilities},
  volume =	 16,
  number =	 4,
  pages =	 {501-517},
  year =	 2015,
  doi =		 {10.1080/19452829.2015.1101410},

Barriers to success often arise from overt discrimination, while
others grow out of differences in the ability of the student, the
psychosocial nature of disability, and the educational technologies
used in the classroom \cite[mutanga2015, hartley2013].

Most students report a learning or psychiatric disability

Data from longitudinal measures such as the NLTS2 can be used to
compare groups of students over time.
\cite[alternative=authoryears][koch2014] relate that
understanding why students drop out of college is extensively


%%% End Sample %%%

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