[NTG-context] Windows 10, TeXLive 2016, and grep

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Aug 20 12:56:42 CEST 2016

On 8/20/2016 3:08 AM, Br. Samuel Springuel wrote:
> I'm looking particularly for the `-m #` (return only first # matches)
> and `-o` (return only the portion of the line which matches), with the
> latter being more important than the former.
> I have a line in a Unix script (where I can expect standard grep to be
> available) which looks like this:
> grep -m 1 'GREGORIO_VERSION' $loc | grep -o
> '[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*-*[betarc]*[0-9]*' >> $OUTPUT 2>&1
> Basically the script is supposed to identify which version of a file in
> our package is a person has.  To do this it looks for the first line in
> a file ($loc) which is marked as containing the version number (by
> looking for the text of the comment which we use to mark those lines for
> scripting purposes) and then extract the version number from that line
> (by looking for the pattern which the version number follows).
> In Windows, I can do the first part of this command with `findstr` (a
> native command which has similar, but not identical, functionality to
> grep, but cannot do the second at all.  My current work around is to use
> the characters which precede and follow the version number to trim the
> string, but this requires me to have repetitive code because not all the
> files in our package use the same delimiting characters.  What I
> accomplish in one `for` loop in the Unix version (looping over a list of
> the files in our package), I need three loops to do in Windows (breaking
> the list up by the delimiting characters).  Having `mtxrun -script grep`
> support the `-o` option would enable me to consolidate and simplify the
> code.

I'll add -n=1 (--first) and --match

 >rgrep --pattern="modules.-%['(.-)'%]" char-*.lua --first --match

which returns (on my machine)


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