[NTG-context] Problems with indexing (+feature requests)

Mohammad Hossein Bateni bateni at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 04:48:34 CEST 2016


For a few days I have been playing with registers to generate an RTL
index.  Beside sorting, I ran into the following.

1) How can I get the index section using \subject?  In some styles, I do
not want to see the section number.

2) How can I get the Persian comma used instead of the English comma in
page numbers and also before "see also"?  The first one I can fix by a hack
but not the second one: defining a custom pagecommand that sets
to the Persian comma!  There is a TODO comment in strc-reg.mkiv that the
comma customization has been planned.

3) In RTL registers, if an entry starts with an LTR char, the order of
index entry and page number will be incorrect.  We had similar issues with
section headings before.  I can "fix" this by setting pagestyle=\zwnj, but
is there a more principled way to handle this?  See the MWE below.

4) Is there a way to define the style of "see also" different from
pagestyle?  What if I want to distinguish "see also" from the actual entry
this is referring to?

5) Currently I use \setupmixedcolumns[register][direction=reverse] to get
the two-column register in the correct order.  What if I have two index
registers, one for RTL and another for LTR?  Is there a way to set the
direction key for a specific register?

6) In a two-column Persian index, using almost any (non-mono) font, some
letter headings (those extending significantly below the baseline) end up
with extra space below.  See attached PDF and the MWE.  (I could not
reproduce this with DejaVuSans or ALM Fixed.)

\definefontfamily [myfamily] [serif] [Scheherazade] [features=arabic]
\setupbodyfont    [myfamily]




%\def\MyCommand#1{\inframed[frame=no]{#1}}  % this fixes the problem



Some of the setups are to refute suspected causes.  Notice that using
\inframed fixes the problem.

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