[NTG-context] Strange problem with Blockquote

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Aug 16 22:05:02 CEST 2016

Hi Robert,

from what I get from your message, there is only one blockquote in the

How about adding the following code before \starttext?

        \setupinterlinespace[small] % or whichever value you want

I think it might work. I hope it helps,


On 08/16/2016 08:00 PM, Robert Blackstone wrote:
> Dear all, 
> I have a small but nasty problem with the book I’m (still) working
> on.
> Its 10 chapters contain many Blockquotes, and they all come out as
> intended except one, in the first, unnumbered, chapter “Introduction".
> That particular blockquote v]comes out like the others only as far as
> its width and its fontsize are concerned, but unlike the others it
> insists on keeping the same interline distance as the main text. Even
> that would not have been too much of a problem if it had not spoiled the
> layout by pushing a rather large float off the page, leaving a large gap.
> This particular chapter is input by means of the Frontmatter file,
> as is Ch1, which also contains several Blockquotes, that come out OK.
> When I process this chapter “Introduction" separately with the same
> setups the blockquote also comes out allright.
> When, as a test, I input that chapter again, the second time through
> the Bodymatter, then again it comes out allright (while the blockquote
> in the real Ch0 keeps its large interline distance).
> I have tried the following:
> - add the setup for the blockquote to the Frontmatter file
> - add the setup for the blockquote also to the Ch0 file itself
> - add \setupinterlinespace[small] in the text just before the blockquote
>   and \setupinterlinespace[reset] after it.
> None of this has changed the interline distance of the blockquote one bit.
> Is there anybody on this list for whom this problem is or sounds
> familiar and who knows a remedy?
> If not, which information would I have to give to make a diagnosis
> possible?
> (It may be evident that it is impossible to show the problem in an
> MWE.)
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Best regards,
> Robert Blackstone


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