[NTG-context] Interlining in a TwoColumns set

Jean-Pierre Delange adeimantos at free.fr
Mon Aug 15 10:39:08 CEST 2016

Hi Pablo and Wolfgang,

Many thanks ! The issue concerning a logo image in a TwoColumns document 
is resolved. It was only a matter of file format. I thought (I don't 
know why), that ConTeXt use SVG format. I've converted all my *.svg file 
in PNG and it works fine. Thank you very much for your help.


Le 14/08/2016 à 17:55, Wolfgang Schuster a écrit :
>> Jean-Pierre Delange <mailto:adeimantos at free.fr>
>> 14. August 2016 um 16:13
>> About the image on the top right of the TwoColumns doc : it works 
>> with mill.png image (but not with spider). I guess the 'Logo.svg' is 
>> too heavy (or something like that).
> LuaTeX can only use images in the formats PDF, PNG, JPG, JP2 or JBIG2 
> . Graphics which are provided in another format have to be converted 
> in one mentioned before, for some formats (e.g. SVG) ConTeXt is able 
> to convert them on the fly but you need the required programs (e.g. 
> Inkscape for the conversion of SVG to PDF) on your system.
> Wolfgang
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