[NTG-context] Interlining in a TwoColumns set

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 17:50:26 CEST 2016

> Jean-Pierre Delange <mailto:adeimantos at free.fr>
> 14. August 2016 um 16:06
> Hi Pablo,
> Many thanks to be patient. I apologize to be a little bit slow minded 
> : I presume that the
>  \setupexternalfigure[location=default] command
> would say that the figure is in the same directory than ConTeXt 
> documents (i.e. 'default'). I have requested an external figure in 
> *.svg format (Logo.svg), but the print on the top right shows only 
> these informations :
> name : Logo.svg
> file : Logo.svg
> state : unknown
> By the way, even if my images are loaded in a ConTeXt subdirectory (as 
> context\ConTeXt-Documents\Images), in place of default directory, the 
> parsing doesn't load the image.
You can set the following keywords for the location key:

   - default: Load images from your TeX installation (needed to load 
ConTeXt’s example graphics)
   - local: Load images in the same folder as your TeX file and 2 folder 
upwards in the path
   - global: Load images in the path provided with the directory key for 

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