[NTG-context] Interlining in a TwoColumns set

Jean-Pierre Delange adeimantos at free.fr
Sun Aug 14 16:06:26 CEST 2016

Hi Pablo,

Many thanks to be patient. I apologize to be a little bit slow minded : 
I presume that the

  \setupexternalfigure[location=default] command

would say that the figure is in the same directory than ConTeXt documents (i.e. 'default'). I have requested an external figure in *.svg format (Logo.svg), but the print on the top right shows only these informations :
name : Logo.svg
file : Logo.svg
state : unknown

By the way, even if my images are loaded in a ConTeXt subdirectory (as context\ConTeXt-Documents\Images), in place of default directory, the parsing doesn't load the image.

Le 14/08/2016 à 13:47, Pablo Rodriguez a écrit :
> On 08/13/2016 12:45 PM, Jean-Pierre Delange wrote:
>> Thank you very much Wolfgang ! With Pablo help, I can manage this flyer.
>> But how to insert a logo on the top right ?
> Jean-Pierre,
> I included it in the sample. Here you have it again:
>      \setupexternalfigure[location=default]
>      \definelayer[logo_layer][state=start]
>      \setlayer[logo_layer][preset=lefttop, y=.01\paperheight,
>          x=.82\paperwidth]{\externalfigure[spider][height=0.2\textwidth]}
>      \setupbackgrounds[page][background={logo_layer}]
>      \starttext
>      \dorecurse{5}{\input knuth\par}
>      \stoptext
> Or is there any issue with the sample? At least, the spider should be
> placed in the top right corner of the first page. To have it in all
> pages, replace "state=start" with "state=repeat".
> If this isn’t what you need, please let us know how the logo should be
> placed.
> Pablo

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