[NTG-context] Interlining in a TwoColumns set

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Fri Aug 12 17:21:24 CEST 2016

On 08/12/2016 03:50 PM, Jean-Pierre Delange wrote:
> Dear List,
> In order to help somebody who wants to improve a kind presentation of
> his own, I have set the sample below.

Dear Jean-Pierre,

we are happy to help, but samples should be minimal.

Otherwise, the sample should be fixed first (to have something to play

Sorrym I tried to compile your sample, but even the simple clipboard
copy and paste adds extra blank lines to the code.

> I am confronting to 2 issues :
> 1. In the second column it would be fine if one could play with the
> interlining. But where to put this command :
> \setupinterlinespace[line=2.8ex]}] which allow to define interlines
> inside the 2nd column ?

Do you want a different interline space in the second column?

> 2. The Logo.svg picture (in /Images/Logo.svg within context repertory)
> doesn't print : 'state: unknown'; is it an issue caused by a layer
> definition ?

You have to set it (see sample below).

> % Select language
> \mainlanguage[fr]
> \language[fr]

\mainlanguage also selects the language for the document. The second
command isn’t required.

> % Normal A4 size paper
> \setuppapersize[A4][A4]

Well, this is the default paper size in ConTeXt. No need to select it.

> \setupcolors[state=start]

I’d say this is not required (at least, I had to stop colors to get rid
of them in one document).

> \definelayer[logo_layer]

[state=start] is to be added here (see
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Layers#State). Right after your closing

And here you have a shorter sample:


    \defineparagraphs[TwoColumns][n=2, align={hz,hanging}]



    \setlayer[logo_layer][preset=lefttop, y=.01\paperheight,




    \input knuth


    \input tufte

Interline spacing is set in an unorthodox way (to put it fine), but
there is no "setups" key for \setupparagraphs (or it doesn’t work).

Let us know whether you find more issues.

I hope it helps,


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