[NTG-context] Unequal width columns

Kip Warner kip at thevertigo.com
Tue Aug 9 22:33:06 CEST 2016

On Tue, 2016-08-09 at 15:21 +0200, Jean-Pierre Delange wrote:
> Hi Kip,
> Maybe you can try this :
> \defineparagraphs[TwoColumns][n=2, align={hz,hanging}]
> \setupparagraphs[TwoColumns][1][width=52pt, style=italic, align=left]
> % Note : you can play with the width.
> \starttext
> \startTwoColumns
> Yourtext1\TwoColumns
> Yourtext2
> \stopTwoColumns \stoptext If you read French, see samples here : 
> https://fr.wikibooks.org/wiki/ConTeXt#Texte_sur_2_colonnes.2C_avec_de
> s_graisses_diff.C3.A9rentes_et_du_grec_ancien 

Hey Jean-Pierre,

That works wonderfully, except that for some reason all of the white
space between paragraphs is gone in the second column. I'm not sure why
since I have...


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