[NTG-context] lua tables - how do you cope?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jul 31 00:26:35 CEST 2016

On 7/30/2016 11:01 PM, Schmitz Thomas A. wrote:
> Thank you, but this is not what I’m looking for. I know how to sort a table, and I know the Lua table tutorial (the Lua wiki is, IMHO, really terrible and disorganized). I have to construct deeply nested tables and sometimes lose track of what is at what level of my table, so I was wondering if there was an easy way of visualizing a nested table. On the web, you can find a number of (mostly abandoned) projects; the one at http://siffiejoe.github.io/lua-microscope/ says: "Many Lua programmers have written their own pretty-printer or data dumper and some even use it for (de-)serializing Lua data structures.” So I was wondering if any of the Lua users here on the list has something they want to share.


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