[NTG-context] columnset and placefigure

Henri Menke henrimenke at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 11:24:36 CEST 2016

Dear list,

I'm using columnsets to typeset stuff for a conference poster.  I can't
use paragraphs or columns, because these do not allow to set frames or
backgrounds.  Currently I do not use the column-spanning features, but I
might in the future.

The thing is, when I place a figure using `\placefigure` and the column
distance is too large (i.e. the columns too narrow), the figure is not
placed on spot but flushed to the next page.  I'm unsure what the exact
value for this threshold is and based on which criteria the figure is
flushed.  While this is not a problem in a normal document, it is for
sure for a poster (I have not seen any multi-page posters yet).

Please find below an example to illustrate my problem (with version
2016.05.17 19:20 from TL2016).

Cheers, Henri






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