[NTG-context] TOC in bookmarks

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 15:32:59 CEST 2016

> Marcus Vinicius Mesquita <mailto:marcusvinicius.mesquita at gmail.com>
> 11. Juli 2016 um 15:00
> Dear list
> How can one make the page with the TOC also appear in the bookmarks 
> using mkiv?




% Variant 1, shows the text which is set with 

% Variant 2, you can set your own text for the bookmark
% \starttitle[title=\headtext{content},reference=content,bookmark=Table 
of content]
% \placecontent
% \stoptitle

\dorecurse{10}{\expanded{\chapter{Chapter \recurselevel}}}


BTW: It isn't necessary to format the text of your question.

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