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Hi Taco,

I will not be able to go to the Netherlands to assist to these meetings, but it is planned to put information, articles on the different presentations please ? Especially interested in TUC related one, and for the sake of curiosity about the “Snake” justification (wondering if such technique would be usable for vertical justification (to add aornments at the end of a page, when there is some space due to page break) ?

Many thanks

Best regards


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Hi all,

It is high time I sent out some news about the next ConTeXt meeting.

First off, the deadline for early bird payment happened in the middle of my vacation. An unfortunate side-effect: I completely forgot to send out a reminder to the list! Bad me! 

To make it up to you, we will allow an extra few days of early bird registration. All registrations done during the current week will still be considered ‘early’, as long as the bank transfer happens at the same time. The new cut-off date is therefore Sunday July 17 (I have no desire to update the web pages with the new deadline, so just ignore the July 1st date given there).

After that embarrassing disclosure, here is the other information I wanted to share:

* As noted before, the meeting will be held in Kalenberg, The Netherlands, from Sunday September 25 until Saturday October 1, 2016. Sunday Sep 25 and Saturday Oct 1 are the arrival/departure days, the actual meeting will be from Monday to Friday.

* The theme of the meeting is “Piece of Cake”

* We have a lot to celebrate: 10 years of meetings, 20 years of ConTeXt availability, and 30 years of Pragma ADE.

* The website is here:  http://meeting.contextgarden.net/2016

* The abstracts page has been updated with a dozen or so abstracts provided by Hans. Some of those are marked optional, which means the talk may be cancelled if there is not enough room in the final program. That is, unless there is popular demand. Have a look and see if something catches your interest!

* As always, we are looking for more presentation submissions. Please have pity on Hans’ vocal cords and consider giving a talk!

* Those of you who are known participants should have received a welcome message from the participants mailing list by now. If you did not get that message, something could have gone wrong with your registration, so please contact me in that case.

Hoping to see many of you this autumn,


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