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Henri Menke henrimenke at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 18:23:57 CEST 2016

Dear list,

I just wanted to check whether chemical structures typeset in ConTeXt
can be exported as XML.  Therefore I wanted to setup a simple example
with ppchTeX.  I copied example 3.1 from the manual [1]

> \usemodule[chemic]
> \starttext
> \startchemical[height=4500,bottom=2500]
>   \bottext{$\beta$-D-Fructopyranose}
>   \chemical[SIX,FRONT,BB1236,+SB4,-SB5,Z5][O]
>   \chemical[SIX,FRONT,+R12346,+RZ12346][\SR{HO},H,H,H,OH]
>   \chemical[SIX,FRONT,-R12346,-RZ12346][H,OH,\SR{HO},H,CH_2OH]
> \stopchemical
> \stoptext

Unfortunately, typesetting with MkIV distributed with TL 2016 produces
something really weird (see attached).

Is the module `chemic` compatible with MkIV or am I doing something wrong?


[1] http://www.pragma-ade.nl/general/manuals/mp-ch-en.pdf
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