[NTG-context] Italic in margins and footntes

Jean-Pierre Delange adeimantos at free.fr
Wed Jun 29 18:06:51 CEST 2016

Dear ConTeXt wizards,

I am currently writing a course. I need some notes in the left margin. I have written this in the preamble :

\setuplayout [backspace=40mm]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [serif] [New Athena Unicode] [preset=range:greek]% for some words in greek
\definefontfamily [mainface] [serif] [GFS Didot]

 A problem occurs : while some words are well printed in italics in the body text (and in footnotes), this is not the case in the left margin with this code :
\inmargin[][align=middle]{Cf. Platon, {\em Timée}, 29b.}

Thanks for your help !

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