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For those who are curious as to how I became confused about the uppercase-lowercase for smallcaps: look at session "803 Typography and Fonts" in Apple's WWDC2016 conference, just after 23 minutes and you will understand.

Hans van der Meer

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I do not understand the behaviour of the \sc macro. I thought smallcaps would turn out to be smaller than capitals. But I see no difference between them except a subtle difference in letterspacing. Am I doing something wrong here?

Hans van der Meer

Minimal example and output:

lmodern: uppercase <ABC-{\sc ABC}> smallcaps\blank
cambria: uppercase <ABC-{\sc ABC}> smallcaps\blank
Smallcaps changes only the layout of lowercase letters but some fonts let you also change uppercase letters.

In the example below you can see how you can change uppercase and lowercase letter with the smcp and c2sc features.




An easy and breezy Sunday morning.

{\feature[+][f:smcp]An easy and breezy Sunday morning.}

{\feature[+][f:c2sc]An easy and breezy Sunday morning.}

{\feature[+][f:c2sc,f:smcp]An easy and breezy Sunday morning.}


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