[NTG-context] What is wrong here?

Ursula Hermann ursula.hermann at univie.ac.at
Mon Jun 20 14:11:28 CEST 2016

Hello !


I have  problem with an PDF-File. 


In the  Editor i wrote: 


\setupinteraction[state=start]%don't forget this line

% make chapter, section bookmarks visible when opening document

\placebookmarks[title, chapter,section,subsection][title,chapter,section]




\input Sigmund Freud Band1.pdf



Then i got this : 


Command Line:   context.exe --synctex=-1 "Bookmarks1.tex"

Startup Folder: D:\My Documents



mtx-context     | warning: synctex is enabled

mtx-context     | run 1: luatex
a966a1fac9/formats/luatex/cont-en" --jobname="Bookmarks1"
a966a1fac9/formats/luatex/cont-en.lui" --no-parse-first-line --synctex=-1
--c:currentrun=1 --c:directives="system.synctex=-1"
--c:fulljobname="./Bookmarks1.tex" --c:input="./Bookmarks1.tex"
--c:kindofrun=1 --c:maxnofruns=9 --c:synctex="-1" "cont-yes.mkiv"

This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.80.0 (TeX Live 2015/W32TeX) (rev 5238)

\write18 enabled.


system          > synctex functionality is enabled (-1)!

open source     > 1 > 1 >


ConTeXt  ver: 2015.05.18 12:26 MKIV current  fmt: 2015.7.21  int:


system          > 'cont-new.mkiv' loaded

open source     > 2 > 2 >

close source    > 2 > 2 >

system          > files > jobname 'Bookmarks1', input './Bookmarks1', result

fonts           > latin modern fonts are not preloaded

languages       > language 'en' is active

open source     > 2 > 3 > D:/My Documents/Bookmarks1.tex

fonts           > preloading latin modern fonts (second stage)

fonts           > 'fallback modern-designsize rm 12pt' is loaded


tex error       > error on line 7 in file D:/My Documents/Bookmarks1.tex: !
I can't find file `Sigmund'.


l.7 \input Sigmund

                 Freud Band1.pdf


1     \setupinteraction[state=start]%don't forget this line

2     % make chapter, section bookmarks visible when opening document

3     \placebookmarks[title,

4     \setupinteractionscreen[option=bookmark]


6     \starttext

7 >>  \input Sigmund Freud Band1.pdf

8     \stoptext


Please type another input file name:


I have first saved  the files on my computer, then I put them together,
because I had loaded the files before. 


I don't understand, what is wrong here. Can somebody help me? 





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