[NTG-context] basic fontsizes question

Thomas Fehige thomas_listen at fehige.de
Mon Jun 6 16:04:52 CEST 2016

In the fonts book I found the \definebodyfont command, but it does not 
to do what I expected. What I need (for a poster) is a set of absolute 
font sizes. I tried the code below. I put some quirks in, like the huge 
value for "a", to see if it works, but it doesn't. It just uses the 
preset proportions relative to the preceding fontsize command (in the 
example, \tfx is bigger than \tf).


text = 24pt,

small = 22pt,


scriptscript = 16pt,

xx = 16pt,


a = 80pt, % 28pt

b = 40pt,

c = 50pt,

d = 50pt,

interlinespace = 3ex,

em = italic




\tf tf\\

\tfa tfa\\

\tfb tfb\\

\tfx tfx\\

\tfx tfx


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