[NTG-context] win64 : luatex is not recognize as an internal command

Jean-Pierre Delange adeimantos at free.fr
Wed May 25 11:36:36 CEST 2016

Hi Seba,

1) On Windows, I unzip context-setup-win64 in C:\[Users]/MyName/Documents/ConTeXt (or something alike, anywhere in C: or D:);
2) cd context/tex; then : context-setup.bat
3) There is no need to get Admin rights to launch context commands, but one has to be carefull before launching the approriate first-setup.bat --modules=all --fonts=all --goodies=all --engine=luatex (which I do in order to use some modules, or fonts) : one has to go to /context/tex/texmf-win/bin or /context/tex/texmf-win64/bin before launching 'context --generate' and 'context --make' to build the trees (including fonts trees).
4) I have not forget to set the PATH;

But it seems (only in this peculiar installation, because I run ContExt daily on others machines ) that ConTeXt refuses 'context --generate' and 'context --make', and therefore to parse *.tex files.


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There are three things which I don't fully understand either: 

1. Why are there three files on " http://standalone.contextgarden.net/setup/ " which is reachable via the " Download ConTeXt " link? 
There are 

	[ ]	context-setup-mswin.zip 	2016-05-23 22:36 	21M 	
	[ ]	context-setup-win32.zip 	2016-05-23 22:36 	21M 	
	[ ]	context-setup-win64.zip 	2016-05-23 22:36 	21M 	
Wouldn't *win32* and *win64* files alone suffice? I am wondering what the *mswin* files is for. It is a little bit confusing. 
Especially because there is also another folder " [...] contextgarden.net/setup2/ ". 
Again with 

	[ ]	context-setup-win32.zip 	2016-05-23 22:36 	21M 	
	[ ]	context-setup-win64.zip 	2016-05-23 22:37 	21M 	
2. Is the " setup2 " folder really necessary? 

Last thing is about the problem with finding lua... 

In your description you don't mention using " first-setup.bat ": 

1) Download the context-mswin.zip in C:\[...]\Documents;
2) mkdir 'context' => cd 'context'
3) Unzip it and launch context-setup.bat in the new C:\[...]Documents\context
4) Then, go to \context\tex and launch 'setuptex';
5) Then again, cd \context\tex\texmf-win64\bin and do : 'context --generate', and 'context --make'. 
I mean I see your point that you want to use it standalone. So... 

3. Why don't you try it the simple way? I am on Win10 x64, but this should work for every supported Win system: 

0. I donwloaded context-setup-win32.zip from " setup " folder. 
1. Extracted " context " anywhere. I used short paths: " C:\context " or " D:\context ". Renamed to ConTeXt for readability. 
2. Used command (cmd.exe ideally as Admin) and went to my CTX path: " D:\ConTeXt\ " 
3. Entered first-setup.bat -> I also added " --modules=all ". CTX is around 400 MB now. I am sure it's fully worth it! 
4. After download finished I navigated deeper to: " tex\texmf-win64\bin " like " D:\ConTeXt\tex\texmf-win64\bin " 
5. Created a document " test.tex " right inside " bin " folder. 
6. Edited it with editor and only enterd: " \starttext Hello world \stoptext " 
7. Save the document 
8. Entered " context test.tex " 
9. And finished was my first PDF. 

Maybe you could try the same... 

Greeting, Seba 

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