[NTG-context] Setting up TeXworks

Thomas Fehige thomas at fehige.de
Thu May 19 17:16:35 CEST 2016

Thanks Jean-Pierre, and no, you're not carrying owls to Athens, in 
whatever language. ;) I'm very new to ConTeXt and not all that 
experienced in the Linux world either. My French is honed on cooking 
recipes rather than computing and coding, but I was able to follow your 
page allright.

1. I don't have my standalone ConTeXt tree anywhere under /home/... but 
in /usr/local/context/..., as suggested on the wiki. Would that make a 

2. What do "--generate" and "--make" do? I remember having run them at 
one occasion or other, but to no avail as to the TeXworks problem. 
Shouldn't they be run by the installation script anyway?

I had managed the fonts database stuff, thanks to the wiki and some 
trial and error. It was time I learned about environment variables in 
Linux and Xfce anyway.

Cheers -- Thomas

Am 17.05.2016 um 15:22 schrieb Jean-Pierre Delange:
> And don't forget to do this before coding :
> 1) cd /home/[...]/context/tex/. setuptex
> This command answers this : "Setting "/home/JohnDoe/context/tex" as ConTeXt root."
> 2) Then : cd .../context/tex/texmf-win64 (or linux64) with a x64 computer
> 3) Then type :
> context --generate
> and type : context --make
> 4) Finally, if you add fonts (in /usr/share/fonts, or $HOME/.fonts), don't forget to reload the font database (in the same depositery as 3)); the command is as follow :
> mtxrun --script fonts --reload
> In order to see which fonts are installed on your system:
> mtxrun --script fonts --list --all
> To search a font (like didot) :
> mtxrun --script fonts --list --pattern=*didot* --all
> All these commands are the same on windows/linux/OS X
> More information in French here :
> https://fr.wikibooks.org/wiki/ConTeXt
> Hope that ich sende nicht Eulen nach Athens !
> JP
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> Whew, I've got it running, finally.
> For some reason, TeXworks needs to tell mtxrun explicitly where its
> texmf-tree is located. Meaning, an additional argument is required in
> TeXworks's starter setup, which now looks like this:
> name: ConTeXt MkIV
> command: mtxrun
> arguments:
>       --tree=/usr/local/context/tex        <-- this is the one!
>       --autogenerate
>       --script
>       context
>       $fullname
> In the "Paths to TeX and friends" list I have
>       /usr/local/context/texmf-linux-64
>       /usr/local/context/bin
> as the top two entries.
> I don't know what exactly is going on here, so I don't feel confident to
> add this to the wiki, but maybe someone else does and will.
> Thanks for listening -- Thomas

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