[NTG-context] headline and no indent

Marco Patzer lists at homerow.info
Mon May 9 17:35:06 CEST 2016

On Mon, 9 May 2016 17:19:15 +0200
Andrea Valle <valle at di.unito.it> wrote:

> When opting for paragraph indents, paragraphs following directly
> after a headline  should no show the indent.
> I guess that the first line of chapter/section/subsection should have
> no indent. Hmm, how to get this?

That's actually the default behaviour when you enable indenting.

\setupindenting [yes, 1em]
  \startsectionlevel [title=Foo]
    \input knuth
      \input knuth

If you receive different results in your text, please create an MWE.

> \setuphead[chapter]
> [style=\ss\tfc, before={\blank[1cm]\startframedtext[width=local,
> foregroundcolor=black, background=color, backgroundcolor=bgGrey1,
> framecolor=bgGrey2,offset=0.25cm, rulethickness=0.05cm, frame=off,
> topframe=on,
> bottomframe=on]\crlf},after={\stopframedtext\blank[4cm]}]

That's all not relevant to indenting. It's best to create a small
*working* example with only the necessary options.


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