[NTG-context] Define font based on language

Michal Ondrejáš michal.ondrejas at dlubal.cz
Mon Apr 4 15:17:21 CEST 2016


I need some help regarding font definitions.

The situation is like this:

[SansRegular at 14pt]
{\issuefont \labeltext{issue} \crlf \documentvariable{issue}}

I need to get chinese text into the issue variable, but for that I need 
to change the font. I need something like this:

[zh={Sim Sun},

[\chooseissuefont at 14pt]

Using "zh" is ok, I managed to somehow make ConTeXt accept the "zh" 
language code. It's not perfect but it's for another topic. I get the 
text in this way, but the sizing doesn't work. The text is too small in 
all languages.

Any dieas

Thank you,


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