[NTG-context] Outputting custom types in MKiv bibliography

Mike O'Connor ipso.vocat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 16:17:51 CEST 2016


I’m trying to create my first publication using ConTeXt mkiv. All going well except for the bibliography formatting.

Previously I have used LaTeX, standard entry types in BibTeX, and custom output formats using Biblatex.

My publication cites lots of historical sources, viz.:
	(1) Newspaper articles — currently stored as ‘article’ types in BibTex.
	(2) Archival sources (historic letter, some leather-bound volume, a catalogued box of old photographs, etc.) — currently stored as ‘unpublished’ or ‘misc'.

I would prefer to store these (in BibTeX, buffer, lua, or xml) as custom types (eg. ‘newspaper’, ‘archivalItem’), create setups for how they are output and which fields I output.

I found a ’newspaper’ type (and other non-BibTeX types) defined in publ-imp-apa.mkiv as:

\startsetups btx:apa:list:newspaper

I hoped this would mean I could output something:
	Boxing. (1903, September 13). The Sunday Times, p.8  

However, if I create an item of type 'newspaper’ and \cite it I get an output of all stored fields:
	newspaper: [day: 13] [journal: {The Sunday Times}] [month: 09] [pages:8][title: {Boxing.}] [type: newspaper article] [year: 1903]
A similar thing happens if I try to cite the standard BibTeX type ‘misc’.

If I store the newspaper item as type ‘article’ I get:
		“Boxing.”, The Sunday Times, 8, 1903.   (missing day and month)

Is it relevant that there is a problem when I include \showbtxfields[rotation=30] in my document? The resulting table has ‘*’ for fields in ‘article’, ‘book’, ‘demo-a’, ‘demo-b’ but the columns for ‘newspaper’ and ‘misc’ are empty.

Any pointers gratefully received.


Mike O’Connor

P.S. I am working in TeXShop on OSX (10.11.3), and it reports:
	This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.80.0 (TeX Live 2015) (rev 5238) 
	ConTeXt  ver: 2015.05.18 12:26 MKIV current  fmt: 2016.3.19  int: english/english

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