[NTG-context] Problem with Quran KFGQPC Uthman Taha Naskh font

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Apr 29 10:42:01 CEST 2016

On 4/29/2016 5:01 AM, Mohammad Hossein Bateni wrote:
> The attachments in the email below were too big for the list (>100KB).
> I uploaded them here <http://mhbateni.com/context/bug-01/>.
> On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 10:20 PM, Mohammad Hossein Bateni
> <bateni at gmail.com <mailto:bateni at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I am not sure whether I'm missing certain features in the font
>     definition or whether there is actually some bug in how CONTEXT or
>     LuaTeX for that matter handles this font.  It might as well be that
>     there is something wrong with the font
>     <http://fonts.qurancomplex.gov.sa/?page_id=608>, though I doubt that.
>     Attached is my simple test program and the PDF output, which is
>     annotated to show the problems.  You can compare with the reference
>     PNG file I generated via rendering in Chrome.  I hope you can see
>     the annotations where I have pointed out the incorrect typesetting,
>     otherwise you can compare the two outputs to notice the difference:
>     for the most part, some diacritics that are not placed in the right
>     location (both vertically and horizontally).
>     I am using Mac OS X with CONTEXT current version: 2016.04.13 16:46.

can you check the context + beta from the contextgarden?

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