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Thomas Fehige thomas at fehige.de
Fri Apr 29 09:44:20 CEST 2016

Am 27.04.2016 um 17:10 schrieb Hans Hagen:
> indeed they are lots of small examples (taken from the list or 
> experiments) but they show what can be done
> if they crash (no sure what you mean there) it's most likely due to 
> fonts you don't have on your machine

Yes, many of the blank pages or obscure (to me) error messages seem to 
be font-related. I'll have to see to that.

> a lot has been published in articles in user group journals or for 
> meetings, there is a font manual that you can buy for nominal costs, 
> there are some manuals on the website and an extended version of the 
> more technical one that hardly anyone needs will end up in the 
> distribution some day soon, there are examples on stack exchange, in 
> the mail archive an don the wiki ... a lot of this depends on 
> voluntary work so you can hardly complain about it .. anyone is free 
> to provide more documentation and share experiences

Yes, I know, I'm sorry I let my exasperation run free. When I started 
out with LaTeX /and/ typesetting more than two decades ago, I had one 
basic book on LaTeX. Over the years my knowledge of LaTeX, typography, 
layout design and typesetting grew side by side, if somewhat organically 
and unsystematic. Nowadays there's about a metre and a half of bookshelf 
occupied by books on LaTeX, TeX and Typography.

As I make books myself, I'm obviously not averse to buying them. I guess 
the ConTeXt books on fonts and layout will do me good.

> btw, if you want to roll out your own features as in extensions-001 
> then you also need to know what the font provides (or lacks) .. open 
> type fonts can be pretty complex and there is no consistency in how 
> certain features are implemented

Yes, I learned that already. Will these home-made features only work on 
open type fonts?

Cheers -- Thomas
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