[NTG-context] some difficulties with btxlist

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Mon Apr 25 17:16:24 CEST 2016

On 04/24/2016 11:51 PM, Thomas A. Schmitz wrote:
> Hi all (in particular Hans and Alan...),
> I'm finishing a book project where I'm using the new bibliographic 
> system. Everything is working as it should, but I have two problems with 
> line breaks:
> 1. Page numbers in ranges are separated by an n-dash (as in: 234–567). 
> It looks as though ConTeXt doesn't break lines at this n-dash. I'm sure 
> there must be an easy way to tell TeX that this is a legitimate 
> breakpoint (short of inserting some \penalty manually after every 
> n-dash), but I can't figure it out myself.

Hi Thomas,

this should do the trick:

        [—]% em-dash

        [–]% en-dash


I hope it helps,


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