[NTG-context] updating ConTeXt standalone

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 17:21:48 CEST 2016

Ooops… Indeed I think I made a mistake: when I tried to check what Alan was saying, I ran first-setup.sh and immediatel after I issued the command
	context —version

so that probably I got the version number from last year’s stable TeXLive. (I have always ate least two versions of Context on my machine…).
But trying again right now the whole procedure, I get now my standalone version updated to
	Context version: 2016.04.22 09:10

So probably meanwhile Mojca fixed the server…

Best regards: OK

> On 23 Apr 2016, at 15:10, Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es> wrote:
> On 04/23/2016 02:48 PM, Otared Kavian wrote:
>> Hi Alan,
>> Until this morning updating would give the version you are
>> mentioning, but right now I updated again and now I get:
>> 	Context version: 2015.05.18 12:26
>> So probbaly you may run again first-setup.sh.
> Hi Otared,
> am I missing something or updating the beta you got the latest stable?
> Your version is from almost a year ago.
> Pablo
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